Tuesday, July 31, 2012

watch Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012) movie online free,

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012) Free Online Watch & Download

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening is an American television film that premiered on Lifetime Television on June 16, 2012.[1] The movie is a remake of the various versions of the theatrical movie of the same name.[2] Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans were cast in the lead roles.[3] Denise Richards appeared in a supporting role, and Christopher Atkins, the male lead of the 1980 film version made a cameoTwo teenagers are stranded on an island and fall in love. As Dean, a lonely slacker in high school, and Emma, a perfect student, explore and learn about one another, they also learn about themselves..

Directors: Jake Newsome, Mikael Salomon
Writers: Matt Heller (teleplay), Heather Rutman (teleplay),


Two teenagers are stranded on an island and fall in love. As Dean, a lonely slacker in high school, and Emma, a perfect student, explore and learn about one another, they also learn about themselves.Emma and Dean are two high school students who are polar opposites of one another: Emma is beautiful, tremendously popular, gregarious, affable, meticulous, and an over achiever, while Dean by choice prefers the company of himself, takes life one day at a time with no worries, is outspoken and often times overly sarcastic. Emma's superficial friends are pressuring her to date the school quarterback as it seems that he is attempting to court her; however, Emma occasionally secretly shows slight interest in Dean by stealing glances at him, as does Dean with her, much to her friends' disapproval. When the school organizes a class trip to Trinidad for the students to help the local community there, Emma's friends hope Emma will use the opportunity to finally get to know and hang out with Stephen, the quarterback. Emma is excited for the trip, while Dean shows limited interest in attending, but ultimately decides to at the urging of his attorney father.
The class departs for the island and upon arrival, they have fun at the hotel pool while Dean observes from the balcony of his hotel room. Later that evening, several students on the trip sneak off to a Carnival party on a boat owned by a local. Emma has reservations about going, but her friends pressure her into joining them knowing that Stephen will be on the boat and once again, wanting Emma to hook up with him. The students get on board and the boat leaves the dock. While on board during the festivities, Emma observes Stephen kissing another girl and is slightly disappointed. Dean, apparently also on the boat, witnesses Emma's show of disappointment over seeing Stephen hooking up with another girl and makes a snide comment to her, knowing that she likely wanted to be the one to hook up with him, which is returned with a retort from Emma before walking away. The boat is then stopped and boarded by the local authorities. In the panic, Emma is accidentally knocked overboard. Dean witnesses this and jumps in after her. He reaches her and they climb into the dinghy, which Dean summarily unlatches from the boat, apparently not being able to afford any more trouble with the law. Both the police boat and the party boat pull away, leaving Emma and Dean in the middle of the sea. Inclement weather arrives, and Emma and Dean take cover under a tarp and drift away. The next morning, they wake up to a sunny day and find themselves still adrift in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. They argue briefly about what they are going to do regarding their current predicament. Emma then spots an island in the distance, and they begin to paddle in its direction.